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Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ Vs Ipad pro

Samsung’s latest model of Tab of s series is Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+,

So, in this article we are going to compare this Galaxy Tab to the Apple’s Ipad pro.

In the whole market, if we are going to search for a best Tab then, Ipad pro is the best choice.

But now here comes a competitor and that machine is Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+.

So, Let’s compare this tab with Ipad pro.


If we compare CPU of Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ with Ipad pro, we get that S7+ runs Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor and Ipad pro runs A12Z Bionic chipset.

So, here both the machines are coming equal at CPU performance.


Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ has 12.4-inch Super AMOLED Display with refresh rate of 120Hz.

Whereas iPad pro has 12.9inch of Liquid retina display.

Here, Ipad wins.


Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ has 16MP + 5MP camera whereas Ipad Pro has 12MP+10MP camera.

Here, Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ wins.


Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ has 10,090mAh battery whereas Ipad has 10,307mAh battery.

Here, both are equal. They, both are good at battery life and charging.


Both, Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ and Ipad pro has RAM equal to 6GB, but multitasking is good at Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+.

Here, Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ wins.


So, if we give you conclusion of which is better then the answer is as per your choice of IOS and Android.

If You want Android OS then, Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ is best choice.

If You want IOS then, Ipad Pro is Best choice.

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