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Razer Blade 14 : The Impossible Razer Laptop

Updated: Jan 23

Razer has released a new laptop called Blade 14. The thing that makes this laptop special is that the kind of configuration it has, is never done before. That’s why we are calling it the impossible razer laptop. So, let’s dive into it.

So, what it has is top end GPU Nvidia RTX 3080 equipped with AMD 5900 HX which is an unlocked CPU and thus overclockable. It’s dimensions are 31.9cm*22cm*16.8mm, so it's a very thin and light laptop.

The most surprising thing is that it is a 14-inch gaming laptop, still it is equipped with top end GPU and CPU. So, how it manages the thermal needs in this small chassis is quite special. That’s why in the beginning I called it an impossible razer laptop.

The new Razer Blade 14 comes with a standard glass trackpad with a chiclet style keyboard. It has a 14-inch display with two variants - first one comes with 1440p with refresh rate of 165Hz and second one comes with 1080p with refresh rate of 144Hz.

Now, as stated earlier it runs the fastest GPU and CPU out there. So, the question is how they managed to overcome the thermal limitations of a laptop. As for the Laptops, mainly 14 inch has thermal limitations that’s why most of the companies till now tried to equip their laptop with less powerful chips. But, some companies who tried to equip a 14 inch device with fastest chips had to lower the clock speed, so that it’s thermal performance would be fine. But, in the case of Razer Blade 14, they equipped it with the fastest chips out there without lowering the clock speed of the CPU.

Looking into the inside of this laptop it uses a vapor chamber instead of using heat pipes. So, it has a kind of good cooling system. So, let’s see how it performs. So, stay tuned for the review article of Razer Blade 14.

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