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Razer Blade 14 Review : The World’s Most Powerful Laptop

Updated: Jan 23

Recently, we got a new Razer Blade 14.And, don’t think this is any ordinary laptop. Razer done a good job in packing the most powerful GPU in its new Blade 14. Now, as we promised we are going to show you some data and performance scores of this laptop and give our review.

So, talking about the GPU performance you can see the scores in the image:

The RTX 3070(100W) configuration is probably the best one or you can say it is better configured than the RTX 3080(100W) one.

Now, Also you can see CPU performance score in the image:

As you can see it beats Asus G14 and G15 both in terms of nearly anything like: if you compare CPU performance scores or GPU performance scores.

Now, coming to thermal performance, you can check the temperatures and fan noise in the image:

So, it gets a slight temperature increase in comparison with the Asus G14 and G15 models.

The Built Quality is also awesome with Black colour configured with glowing Razer’s Logo.

It has removable SSD and Removable WiFi card but the RAM is attached onto the motherboard.

So, you can only get upto 16 GB of RAM in this device.

So,that’s the only drawback here.The battery is pretty big but it’s only getting 5 hours of battery life that’s lot less than the advertising battery life numbers told by the Razer.

Now, there are two screen resolution options 1080p and 1440p. I would recommend going with 1440p as it’s better than the 1080p one in terms of gaming experience as per Gamers.The Keyboard is flat chicklit style keyboard, those who are used to use Razer keyboard will face no problem but the new guys will have to use sometime then it becomes handy. As you can expect the speakers are small because it is a 14 inch device thus, not that good sound. It features a Glass Trackpad that’s pretty good.

Now, Let’s talk about the Pricings. As there are 3 models. The first one configured with RTX 3060 is of $1799.99. Second one which is configured with RTX 3070 is of $2199.99. And lastly the third one configured with RTX 3080 is of $2799.99.

So, we conclude if you are convinced with 16 of RAM you can go with this device.

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