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Updated: Jan 23

To change anything there is a big role of education.

In India after 34 years this new education system is going to be in action in 2021 -2022 academic session.

Human Resource Development Ministry has announced New Education System Model. In this Article we are going to discuss benefits of students by this Education system.

1. Till now we studied 10+2 sequences but in this new change 1 to 12th studies will be divided into 5+3+3+4 sequences.

It means First 5 years will be counted as FOUNDATION STAGE in which target will be to strengthen the roots of skill and education. In this stage NCERT books will be allowed only.

This Foundation will be divided into two sections first will be PRE-PRIMARY SECTION which will take three years out of five. And rest two years will be called 1st and 2nd Class. In this stage students will be taught via help of different practical activities and games. Also, their burden of books will be reduced.

2. In the next 3 years, meaning from 3rd to 5th Class students will study Science, Maths, Arts, and social Science.

3. Third Stage will be of 3 years meaning 6 to 8 and will be called as Middle Stage of Education.

Students will be taught via certain study materials.

Now, Last Stage will be 9 to 12 in which Students will focus on increasing their analytical skills and will be motivated to gain big goals.


This means that any students having any stream can study subjects of other streams as well.

It may happen that a pool of subject be written from which you will be able to choose extra subjects.

Some main points of this education system are given below:

1. Till 5th class studies will be in their Mother tongue language.

English will not be compulsory language for all.

Any students will be free to choose their language.

2. When students will reach class sixth, they will get chance to learn computer coding meaning they will be able to learn to make software from class sixth.

They will also get to become any intern of software companies if they wish.

3. If any student is curious about any subject, they can have internship in any company related to that subject.

4. The Exams from class 9th to 12th will be conducted according to semester system.

Every year will contain 2 semesters, in every 6th month exams will be conducted and final mark sheet will be counted by adding marks of both the semesters.

5. Report card will be based on 360-degree assessment.

Now education will be totally based on practical knowledge.

6. Students will be free to write exam papers according to any language they wish. Like you will be able to write in both Hindi and English, whichever you choose.

7. During giving marks teachers will have to see their student’s activities and personalities, then will give marks on it.

8. Students who wish to go college will be able to give common aptitude test in which your class 12th marks will be added.

As sometimes you fail to get proper cut off then for getting admission in college you can also give common aptitude test.

9. Graduation studies will be divided in 3 and 4 years.

10. Students will be free to choose how much years they want to study in graduation.

Sometimes because of family and economic problems students leave the graduation in mid.

And when they wanted to complete, they were forced to study from starting but in this system, you can leave graduation by your wish at any year. If you came to continue your studies in given time you will be able to study, it from where you leaved without repeating.

11. If you leave your Graduation a first year you will get certificate. It will be known as certificate course.

Likewise, if you studied for two year you will get diploma.

If you completed 3 years you will get bachelor’s degree.

And if you completed 4 years you will get Research certificate with bachelor’s degree.

12. In graduation you can choose some extra subjects Like in school you were able to study extra subjects.

13. This graduation system is also known as Multi-entry and Multi-exit system.

14. There will be an academic bank of credit meaning if you do two courses at a time your credit of courses will be submitted or added in this academic bank.

15. In higher colleges like IIT, there will also be place of arts and humanities.

16. Schools and colleges will only be able to take fees set by government, no educational institution will be allowed to set their own fees.

This Education system is known as National Higher Education Bill, which is passed in cabinet, but this bill is also necessary to be passed by parliament, then it will become like a law and be implied.

According to this law Human resource development ministry will become educational ministry of India.

This System was made by taking advice of 2 lakh of people of India and authorities.

This Education system will be applied from next session meaning 2021-2022.

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