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Here is HOW Dell Alienware R5/R6 Gaming Laptops is downgraded!

Dell has released two Alienware gaming laptops namely Alienware R5 and R6. The Alienware R5 has been configured with AMD components whereas Alienware R6 is configured with Intel 11th gen CPU. But, if you talk about the aesthetic and design of these laptops they are actually the same.

These Laptops have brand new chassis. If you compare the design of these new Alienware with previous R4, you will get to see lots of changes. Previously in R4, we had a complete white colored chassis, but in these new models, the only color option is dark gray color.

Which is kind of disappointing for gamers who loved the previous color configuration.

Actually, the white color of Alienware looked awesome, also it was unique. But, still if they have updated the color configurations, let’s see how it goes.

If we now talk about the weight and thickness of new Alienware R5 laptops we see that the thickness is 22.8mm, which is a little bit thicker than the R4, but it is 100 grams more in weight(2.63Kg) in comparison to the R4 model.

But, the main feature of which we were waiting for years has now got its place in the new Alienware R5 laptop. And, that feature is the removable RAM. But, if you want to upgrade your drive or storage you will face some problems, that is weird.

This new Alienware has an 86Wh battery, which is the same size as in the R4 model. So, It has a battery life of 5 hours which is slightly more than the R4 model. It has downgraded speakers compared to R4, as it has now down-firing speakers.

The new R5 Alienware does not have Vapor chambers, but has heat pipes instead. Still, thermally it's decent.

It runs Ryzen 5800H CPU and has a GPU of RTX 3060 or RTX 3070 but they do not offer RTX 3080.So, frame rates and overall performance is pretty decent. The main downgrade of R5 is its Trackpad as it uses click mechanism not tap mechanism like the previous model of Alienware. The display is awesome in terms of brightness and visual experience, also it has better bezels.

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