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Covid-19 Leaked From Wuhan Lab? This is WHAT we know so far.

Is it possible that the Covid-19 is not a natural virus? Is it possible that this virus was leaked from a lab in Wuhan? Is it possible that this crisis is because of negligence?

Every line written in this article is based on Scientifically, logically proven experiments carried out by various scientists including British Intelligence department itself.

Nicholas Wade - Covid-19 can be manmade or built in Lab is logically explained by him for the first time. Nicholas has published a paper in the bulletin of Atomic Scientists, where he asked a few questions. Before explaining his questions, let’s rewind.

In December 2019 when this virus originated in China there were two theories, the first one is Natural Occurrence Theory. This theory says that this virus came from bats to humans. And, the reason is said to be the wet market of Wuhan. Many people accepted this theory.

But Nicholas Wade questioned What’s the Intermediary Animal? He further explains - “Usually when a virus comes from animals to humans there is an intermediary animal to aid that transmission. In SARS, the virus jumped from bats to the civet. As civets are eaten in China. So, this became cause of transmission of virus to humans. This data was made available in just 4 months after the outbreak. Also, In MERS, the virus came from camels to humans. Camels are consumed as meat in the Middle East. That’s how this virus came from camels to humans. And this data also got available in just 9 months. So, who is an intermediary animal when it comes to Covid?

It has been 15 months since Covid-19 was declared a pandemic, but till now China has not declared the exact species of Bats. Both China and WHO do not have the answer to this question.

The Second Theory is LAB ESCAPE THEORY. This theory says that the virus originated from the Wuhan Lab of Virology. Many scientists and journalists supported this theory but, suddenly social media platforms deleted the posts supporting this theory. So, this topic was subdued.

WHO’s Human Genome Editing Advisor. Jamie Metzl has said - “from the beginning of the pandemic there are some forces who are censoring any scientist who says that Covid can also be made in a Lab, we were ostracized and called conspiracy theorists.”

Chinese Virologist Dr. Li-Meng Yan was the first to claim that Covid is a man-made virus, from then China started suppressing her. To harass her, China has detained her 64-year old mother as well.

A Report says Chinese Scientists discussed weaponizing Covid. Knowing these facts, why does not the WHO take any form of punitive action against China? But now as lots of time passed, proving that Covid is man-made will be very difficult.

Conclusion - China has hidden facts from the world. Otherwise, it is not possible that a country like China with 1.4 billion people has less than 1 Lakh cases and no second wave of virus. Thus, the whole World must come together and stand up to China.

#staysafe #breakchain #wearmask #satanduptochina

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