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Asus ROG M16 : The Cost of using Intel...

Updated: Jan 23

Asus recently released the ROG M16 Laptop. The design and Aesthetic is the same as the G15. Also, it is reasonably priced and better performing than the G15 but it comes at a cost, here is how?

Asus ROG M16 is running Intel - 11900H CPU instead of AMD - 5900HS CPU(it is in G15). The Max Temp of Intel - 11900H CPU in M16 is 87 degree C while Max Temp of AMD - 5900HS CPU in G15 is 91 degree C.

M16 is equipped with RTX 3060 GPU while G15 is equipped with RTX 3070 GPU. The initial reaction is that the G15 will perform better than the M16. As, 3070 is better than 3060. But, because the clock speed of the Intel Chip is a little bit faster, it can keep up very close to the performance of RTX 3070 but in terms of general Graphics Performance. As, if we compare 3070 with 3060 in terms of Ray Tracing, 3070 is definitely going to outperform 3060.

The thickness of M16 is slightly more than G15, also the fan noise of M16 is 50% louder than that of G15. So, it seems that the thermal capability of M16 is less than G15.

The Screen of M16 is better than the G15 in terms of brightness and color accuracy. Keyboard, trackpad and Speakers are also good.

And, the inside of M16 is a single replaceable RAM slot. There is also replaceable Wi-Fi inside. The battery is 90Wh. Note that the battery life of M16 is lesser than G15.

So, the overall performance of the M16 is Good. But, before choosing M16 note that it does not come with a variant having RTX 3080 whereas G15 has a variant running RTX 3080 GPU. Also, it is louder and thicker than G15. But, as I said earlier it is reasonably priced - starting from $1380 and in terms of CPU performance it is somewhat better than G15. So, This is all.

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