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Apple's Plan To Sell Online in India : This is What We Know So Far.

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Apple Inc. is planning to start selling online in India from coming Month.

As India is fast growing smartphone market, Apple Inc. wants to secure its place in India also, so that the dependence on china will be reduced. Also, because Apple Inc. has just made history by gaining brand value of $2 trillion in the market, they want to invest more in South Asian countries, so that they can be free for manufacturing easily.

One more reason is that India has population of 1.3 billion peoples, that makes this country very vast in area of market and manufacturing. Also, India has relaxed prohibition over retail direct from foreign.

Online store of Apple Inc. will be ready till Diwali as per sources.

Also, one more reason for opening its own store in India is to control branding and win loyalty of customers. As, till now Apple sells its products via franchise partners like Amazon Inc., Flipkart online Retails services pvt., Walmart Inc. that creates dependence and gives brand controlling to them.

But by opening its own online store will allow Apple Inc. to win more loyalty of customers and will also allow them to improve the branding.

The first manufacturing plant of Apple Inc. will be done by partners of manufacturing - Foxconn Technology Group, Wistron Corp. and Pegatron Corp.

According to researchers of IDC Apple Inc. dominated 49% of Indian market and demand is still growing, this fact adds to the one of reasons of investing more in India.

With support of Make in India plan this whole process becomes easier than before.

These all reasons make Apple Inc. to invest more in India. As, they will get more profits and will be able to compete well with other growing brands of India.

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