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Apple 13-inch MacBook Pro review: is it the best Macbook in its price range?

Updated: Jul 8, 2021


Price: It's comes at a cost of 1,22,990

Key Features: Unlike Previous Models It's Now been Configured with Magic Keyboard


Apple’s 13-inch MacBook pro comes with improved Processor configured with improved magic Keyboard.

Its main improvement was its keyboard design that is sturdy and has more key-travel than previous models of Keyboard.

The body ratio is same as MacBook Air but there is one more improvement that is its Touch bar that has attracted customers.

Apple’s 13-inch MacBook pro is as light as MacBook Air and has sleek design. The New MacBook pro 13-inch comes with Thunderbolt 3 ports.

It also has fast Touch Id that makes this Laptop very secure.

It also got improvements in CPU and GPU as it got Intel’s i5 10th gen CPU and got Intel Iris Plus Graphics 645 that is faster GPU than MacBook Air model. Also, Its speakers are one of the best speakers in laptop in the market.

Some Disadvantages:

Its main disadvantage is its GPU. As, it runs integrated graphics there will be lack in performance during high gaming and some complex GPU needed tasks.

As, of this price range Apple should have given a dedicated GPU.

That will have increased the performance in this Machine.

Although, you can add external graphics card through its thunderbolt port.

The second disadvantage of this machine is its 2560x1600 pixels display.

Although, display is very good, but the Apple should have increased the pixel count as, MacBook Air also has the same Pixel count on it Display which is in price range below 1,00,000INR.

For whom this Laptop is:

It is for the students, as they can perform their most of the tasks in this Laptop.

But this Laptop is not suited for the hardcore gamers and hardcore professionals.

This, Laptop is one of the best Laptops in the market for them who love 13-inch display and want to get Touch bar.

As, for me this is the perfect device in its price range.

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