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All About The Next Macbook Ahead of Launch At WWDC 2021!

Updated: Jan 23

The WWDC 2021 is going to start from 7 June and will end on 11 June. So, In this article we are going to talk about some of the stuff that Apple is going to launch at WWDC 2021. We will mainly focus on Macbooks. Also, I am going to tell you about the Specifications of these new Macbooks. All of the information is brought from various tweets of Apple officials and some other tweets.

Now, talking of the new design of the new Macbooks. According to images shared by Ian Zelbo, we can see there is no longer a touch bar in these new Macbooks, but retains Touch ID.

Now, let’s jump to the main stuff that is the new M1X Chip. So, on the current M1 Macs it runs 8 core CPU and 8 core GPU. And M1 chips are very energy efficient. Also, the performance of the CPU is fine, but if we talk about GPU it is not that good performer.

Mark Gurman says that the new M1X will get a 10 core CPU instead of the 8 core that we saw in M1. But, the surprising information is that this new M1X may have 16 core GPU and even 32 core GPU options.That seems interesting. As, 32 core GPU in an SOC will change the way we see what macs can do.

But, an increase in the number of cores will result in an increase in die-size also. So, it will need more space, also it will consume more power. So, Apple will need a bigger battery. Also, it will require a more advanced cooling system.So,we conclude that this chip with a 32 core GPU will come with the 16-inch model of Macbooks.

The M1’s graphical performance was similar to the GTX 1650. But, as cores are increased to 16, the GPU performance of the new M1X will be similar to the existing 16-inch Macbook. But, 32 core GPU configuration will blow people away in terms of energy efficiency and performance. The resulting performance will be more in comparison to RTX 3070. You can say, it will be a more powerful GPU than most of the GPU in the market, as this is in SOC.

Now, as Apple is giving this much performance, it will charge a good sum of money also.

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